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Hitchin SEO Services

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process whereby a website has it’s code amended so that the main search engines can read and understand the site content.

The quantity &  high quality of back-links from authority websites pointing to the content pages of your site then provide rankings.

Over time Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. add up these “back-links” and rewards you with a ranking within their listing results.

In short, ” The man with the most links is the winner”, but in practice it isn’t quite as simple as that.

Search engines score each site on a vast range of criteria. These are constantly assessed to ensure that the most suitable sites appear in their search results.

Although Google tries to think like a human being, it is still only a computer. Thus, it relies upon a complex algorithm to compile its SERPs listings.

These algorithms look at over two hundred different ranking factors on each page.  Google then scores these metrics in order to rank each site.

These factors can easily be ‘over optimized’. As such it is very important to seek professional guidance before attempting to optimize a site yourself.

How To Give Your Google Rankings a Massive Boost

Google uses electronic “spiders” to search for links on all the websites in its index. It then follows them, reading all the text it can find on the way.

Googlebot looks for keywords in title tags, headings, image alt text etc, but in ratios that it considers to be natural.

If you try too hard to achieve your rankings by keyword stuffing it will then begin to count your efforts against you.

Optimization in Hitchin Town

Google has a huge problem with reading images & Java Script (flash buttons/links etc). The problem is it can’t read or follow many of them.

This means that whilst you may have the richest content on the web for you given topic, if your navigation devices are images or use Java Script then all google will see is a blank page with no links. Consequently you will forever wallow on page 10 in the rankings.

We use tried & tested processes to make your web site Google friendly.

SEO³ will Optimize every page of your site & in addition customize your web site from an SEO view point for your industry.

Where required we will add pages that will significantly increase the quantity & quality of traffic flow into your site.

SEO in Hertford

On Page / Off Page SEO

All the major search engines use two types of scoring to evaluate Website Design, on page & off page.

“On page” SEO is, as I have said above, just a matter of making sure that your pages are in a format that Google likes to see & values highly.

“Off page” SEO is the second method of evaluation for your site, namely “Is your site good enough so that other sites link to it?”

Google looks at each & everyone of those links & the “Trust & Authority” of the site that the link is on.

From this information, it forms an opinion on that basis as to how popular your site is likely to be.

If you for example have a link from a High Street Banks’ website that has a trust score of 75/100 it will be worth far more than 100 links from low quality 5/100 blog pages.

There are so many factors to consider when getting involved in the SEO process that it can be too easy to miss a step along the way.

We have the experience & Knowledge to drive your web site to the top of the Search Engine Rankings.

Website optimization for Hertfordshire

Quality SEO is not an overnight process. From first contact to a top ten ranking can take a year or more. This depends on the competitiveness of your search niche.

Building a positive image for your site is a cumulative ongoing process that cannot be rushed.

You should treat anyone who claims quick results with caution. It is not possible within the strict parameters set by Google.

Building Online Trust & Authority

Only by combining all of the above mentioned factors can you build your Trust & Site Authority. Once you have, you will drive quality, targeted web traffic through to your website.

It is important that you choose an Optimization Company that understands the workings of the complex Google Algorithms.

What Our Clients Think:


Why should you choose us to provide your SEO?

  1. You Found Us Because We Get It!

    If you think that SEO is just a case of adding a few keywords on your web pages then you are in for disappointment…. to effectively optimise your site so it can rank #1 for the most competitive terms in search your site needs to meet and exceed over 200 strict criteria. Failing just one of these will have a negative effect on your ability to rank well.

    We understand SEO and what makes Google tick, so we can address everything that your site needs to be able to attract large volumes of organic traffic.

  2. Mobile & Retina Compatible

    Over 50% of all Google traffic happens on smartphones and tablets. This means that if your site isn’t built to display on all screen sizes, devices & importantly fast enough across mobile telecommunications networks then you will miss out on at least half of your potential traffic.

  3. We Build Online Trust & Authority

    The reason why you see household brands ranking at the top of search for most products & goods is because Google trusts them algorithmically. They send the right trust and authority signals that promoite them to the top of SERPs.

    These signals of website trustworthiness are essential for top rankings and we have a proven formula for building trust and authority metrics for our clients websites, that’s why they trust us.

  4. Social Proof

    Social proof is increasingly important & only going to become more so. If you are not already collecting testimonials and reviews on Google+ & Facebook then you are behind the game.

    Google trust ‘crowd opinion’ to vouch for businesses, so the more positive reviews, social media shares and recommendations, mentions, etc the better for building your online reputation.