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SEO³ Frequently Asked Questions

Can any website be optimized for any search terms?

The short answer to this is no, sometimes a site just isn’t suitable for effective optimization.

If this is the case for your site, then we will tell you what the issues are, what can be done to fix them and the most cost effective way for you to proceed.

The starting point is to see where your site is now. This will reveal what’s good, what’s bad and what we can change for you to give you top ten rankings.

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How does Google decide who it lists first?

Google organises what is in simple terms a massive popularity contest.

After analysing your web content, which determines  what your page is about & which keywords your site will rank for, Google then looks at all the websites that like your site enough to recommend it with a link.

Combined with how much your visitors like your site, this determines where you rank fro specific keywords.

Depending on the ‘authority’ of those sites, the links are given a value and the site with the most relevant, highest authority links moves to the top of the list.

All we do is manage the process of presenting great content & making quality sites link to yours.

How long does it take to get to the top?

This all depends on how your site is constructed, what SEO has already been done to it and how competitive your chosen keywords are.

Some very competitive search terms are often dominated by large companies.

Against massive marketing budgets it could realistically take a while for you to get on parity with those sites.

This is because those companies and corporations have a substantial headstart on your site.

In these situations, we would normally recommend that we target less competitive ‘longer-tail’ search terms.

Doing so will give you a positive ROI (return on investment) in a shorter timeframe.

Bespoke SEO

Each SEO campaign that we run is bespoke. Depending on how well your site has been built, top ten rankings can be achieved in anything from a few weeks.

Many website owners believe that they need large volumes of traffic in order to make money.

Quite often, mass volume traffic isn’t not very targeted, so you end up with a poor conversion rate.

We target search terms and keywords that will convert for you.

We drive traffic that will turn into real paying customers. This is more beneficial than just having an impressive web traffic stat.

Traffic costs money, and it is not the volume that is initially important, but the quality.

I would much rather have 10 visitors come to my site and convert 1 into a new customer than drive 1000 and convert 1.

Once your website is profitable and is generating new business, then you can consider scaling your marketing efforts to attract the more costly competitive search term traffic.

SEO starts with a detailed website audit.

Contact Us and we will show you where you are currently, what we can do and how long it will take to position your site in front of targeted traffic.

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