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Bespoke Local SEO Service

Do you need more customers? Are you a local Northampton business?

We specialise in delivering highly focused web visitors to our clients sites.

Attracting potential customers who are searching online for the goods and services that you sell will help to drive your bottom line.

Building a local business relies on becoming a big fish in a small pond.

We can help you by increasing your exposure online, across organic search, paid search (PPC) and social media.

Strong, reliable traffic streams will increase enquiries, calls and sales for your company.

How To Attract More Visitors

Organic search traffic is the best converting, highest value web traffic you can receive.

We align your website content with what Google wants to see.

This presents your content as the ‘best’ result the Google can offer, so you appear at the top of Google SERP’s.

There are over 200 different elements that Google measures to determine if your site is a high quality result.

These include many on page and off page attributes as well as your visitor behaviour.

Bounce Rate

Search engines use visitor behaviour to decide if your page is relevant or not.

If your site ranks for London searches, but you don’t deliver goods there, then real visitors won’t buy from you.

Google understand this and filter unsuitable results whenever possible.

It’s not enough just to write content, you need compelling, useful content that your readers like!

On Page / Off Page SEO

Our SEO process involves three steps;

  1. Analyse your current situation
  2. Apply On-page optimisation
  3. Build powerful, themed, relevant backlinks to build your Authority (Off-page SEO)

In isolation, none of these activities will get you to the top of Google, especially not for any competitive search terms with the highest traffic volumes.

Together however, they combine to create a powerful, authoritative website that deserves to be at the top of Google SERPs for the most used keywords & phrases.

We address over 200 elements on and behind your site, to align them with what search engines want to see from a highly regarded site.

This process will push you past your competitors to the top of the listings where you will receive the lions share of the available traffic.

If you want to increase your local business presence across Northamptonshire, ask us hw we can help?

Call Us to discuss your SEO requirements in detail;

07971 621601 (9 – 5 GMT Mon – Fri )

What Our Clients Think:


Why should you choose us to provide your SEO?

  1. You Found Us Because We Get It!

    If you think that SEO is just a case of adding a few keywords on your web pages then you are in for disappointment…. to effectively optimise your site so it can rank #1 for the most competitive terms in search your site needs to meet and exceed over 200 strict criteria. Failing just one of these will have a negative effect on your ability to rank well.

    We understand SEO and what makes Google tick, so we can address everything that your site needs to be able to attract large volumes of organic traffic.

  2. Mobile & Retina Compatible

    Over 50% of all Google traffic happens on smartphones and tablets. This means that if your site isn’t built to display on all screen sizes, devices & importantly fast enough across mobile telecommunications networks then you will miss out on at least half of your potential traffic.

  3. We Build Online Trust & Authority

    The reason why you see household brands ranking at the top of search for most products & goods is because Google trusts them algorithmically. They send the right trust and authority signals that promoite them to the top of SERPs.

    These signals of website trustworthiness are essential for top rankings and we have a proven formula for building trust and authority metrics for our clients websites, that’s why they trust us.

  4. Social Proof

    Social proof is increasingly important & only going to become more so. If you are not already collecting testimonials and reviews on Google+ & Facebook then you are behind the game.

    Google trust ‘crowd opinion’ to vouch for businesses, so the more positive reviews, social media shares and recommendations, mentions, etc the better for building your online reputation.