SEO for Accountancy Websites – Crunch The Numbers

With all the changes in advertising over the past decade or so, SEO (search engine optimisation) has become a critical essential for almost all accountants across the UK.

The days of finding new clients through the Yellow Pages are long gone and it has been all too easy to be left behind.

New customers inhabit Google, searching daily for accountants and accountancy services in all areas of the UK.

If your website doesn’t feature in at least the top twn on the front page for the searches in your area that these potential customers are using, you are missing out.

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SEO Philosophy

As an accountant, you don’t need to go and find new clients, if you use SEO, you can get on with your day, knowing that potential clients will come and find you.

Every good business needs a good accountant, and every good accountant needs good SEO to build their business.

Forget about being found for just your company name or your URL….. SEO allows you to get found for the different services that you might offer: Start up accountancy package, pay roll, financial services advice, VAT, Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax, etc.

Local Google Search Matters

For many accountancy firms, local customers are the backbone, the bread and butter of their business. Google local search rankings will deliver local businesses to your company, week in, week out.

Ranking nationally is not much use for many regional businesses, but being visible to the hundreds, or thousands of local companies and individuals in need of a quality accountant is essential.

We will position you at the top of the results for your accountancy services in the areas that you do business in, driving new clients to your door.

Ask us today and get started building your client base today…

We provide SEO services nationally across the UK, but are local to these areas: Bedford, Luton, Milton Keynes, Cambridge & Northampton