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SEO in Bedford

Your site should generate new business for your company?

Your website should sell for you?

Do your pages promote your goods & services effectively?

If it doesn’t sell for you then it doesn’t work. Our comprehensive full SEO service will give you the online exposure that your site deserves.

We apply high performance search engine optimisation ( seo ) strategies for Bedford business owners. This gives your website maximum access to local Google search traffic that is actively looking for your goods and services.

Our 3 Step SEO Process:

  • Full web audit, highlighting recommendations & amendments needed.

  • Backlink profile review to maximise site trust & authority scores.

  • Sales & lead generation process review to maximise your conversion rate.

Search engines want to rank great content that users find useful & helpful.

Our task as your SEO provider is to provide high quality web content that they value.

Once you have good quality content, Google look to see how ‘popular’ your site is.

Popularity is measured through the authority & relevance of the sites that link to you (Backlinks).

How powerful & authoritiative your pages are determines how high up you rank in the search results.

This however isn’t the end of the SEO process or it shouldn’t be….

We make sure that your site will convert your organic traffic into calls, emails and sales that turn into genuine new business for you.

Let’s face it, this is the whole point of promoting your business online. That’s why we call ourselves SEO Cubed.

SEO is Changing Business

In recent years, business has gone through a transformation, moving into the digital age to capitalise on the opportunities that the web has to offer.

There is more at stake than ever before.

The potential to drive large numbers of highly targeted traffic not only via SEO, but also through PPC (Adwords) & Social Media, has opened up the local marketplace.

Everyone uses the internet to find what they are looking for; services, products, local Bedford companies, etc.

If your site isn’t dialed in to perform online, you are missing out.

We specialise in delivering local search engine traffic for companies looking to promote themselves across Bedfordshire.

Don’t just optimize your site, make sure you choose SEO³ and get the best rankings you can for your business.

It all starts with an SEO audit…. please click here to email us and let us show you how we can help you to promote your local Bedford business.

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