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Buying, selling & renting homes is a very competitive industry, with many different estate agencies fighting for the same clients. Aside from the big online property websites such as Zoopla and Rightmove, there is a lot of competition from the large, well financed estate agents such as Taylors, Countrywide, KnightFrank, Savills, etc who have large marketing budgets to promote their websites online.

The good news is that national agencies need massive marketing budgets because they are targeting nationwide traffic for every City & Town in the UK. Local estate agencies have a significant advantage online because they are able to focus their marketing and SEO on precise locations within their catchment area.

Buying & Selling Properties

There is a growing threat to traditional property agents from online ‘no frills’ agencies. Many of these do away with the ‘service’ element that is commonly associated with a more traditional house selling process. Instead, online low cost property selling involves creating your own listing, taking and adding your own photos and paying the website to market your property across their network.

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While you miss out on the personal touch that an estate agent offers, it is possible to sell your house this way and potentially save thousands of pounds too.

Many estate agencies are keen to stress the benefits of using them to manage the sale or purchase of your home. With plentiful experience in listing homes effectively to show off the best aspects of your home, arranging and attending viewings, managing the advertising for your property, and liaising with conveyancing etc to expedite the sale or purchase as swiftly as possible.

Housing Market

Currently the housing market is being restricted by stamp duty rates and a shortage of new builds for the growing population. These two factors are causing many home owners to site tight & wait to see what happens to prices, the cause and potential affect of Brexit and Political change, not just in the UK, but in the US too.

We need a housing market with a steady supply of properties coming to market, rather than the feast and famine, price spike boosted boom and bust swings that have been seen in the past 25 years. The average ownership time in the UK has risen in recent years from 4 years to over 13, indicating that people already on the property ladder are sitting tight for the time being.

One significant reason for not trading up to larger, more expensive properties is the current rate of stamp duty that is currently imposed on purchases above £500,000. The effect is that lower cost homes with lower rates of stamp duty are still selling at healthy rates, but more expensive homes are the ones that are not moving.

This stagnation has created a bottleneck situation in the housing sector, as not enough home owners are vacating cheaper homes to allow those lower down to move on up…

If you are an estate agent, who needs more exposure online, ask us how we can help with SEO for Estate Agents….

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