Our SEO Services

Website Audit Service:

The first step to giving your site the rankings it deserves is to carry out an in depth analysis of your current site. This process covers over 175 different elements of your site, giving us a detailed picture of the current condition of your site and the degree of search engine friendliness it currently conveys as well as highlighting all the areas that we can improve within your site so it can be allowed to rank well for you.

Keyword Analysis:

The keywords and phrases that you target are vital to your success. We help you to choose keywords and search terms that will convert into sales for you, as well as making sure that those keywords are achievable for your site so that your site will function as a sales driver for you as soon as possible.

On-Page SEO Implementation:

Once we know where your site is currently, and have decided on the keywords we are going to use for traffic generation, we then implement those keywords on the pages of your website. There are many key indicators on a page that need to include variations of your chosen search terms to an optimal density.

Off-Page SEO Optimization:

Once your site content has been optimized, we next begin the process of creating high quality links pointing to specific pages of your site, using targeted link text, again designed with optimial keyword density in mind. This process improves the ‘authority’ of your site and drives it up the rankings.

Conversion Optimization:

As soon as your site begins to rank well in Google, Bing and Yahoo, you will start to receive traffic to your website. The next stage of the process is to monitor that traffic through your site and improve the conversion metrics for each page. A conversion is when you make a sale, or receive an enquiry and the conversion optimization process will increase the ratio of sales or enquiries per visitor.

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