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Our SEO Services

Our comprehensive website optimisation service covers everything you need to rank well;

  • Analysing Your Current Site for Health
  • Gathering Potential Keywords to Focus On
  • Implementation of Those Search Terms On Your Website
  • Building Your Trust & Authority Online
  • Call To Action Conversion Optimization

Website Audit Service:

The first step to giving your site the rankings it deserves is to carry out an in depth analysis of your current site.

This process covers over 175 different elements of your site.

This gives us a detailed picture of the current state of your site and the degree of search engine friendliness it posesses.

Our site audit also highlights an areas that we can improve within your site so it can be freed to rank well for you.

Keyword Analysis:

The keywords and phrases that you target are vital to your success.

We help you to choose keywords and search terms that will convert into sales for you.

We also make sure that those keywords are achievable for your site. This allows your site to function as a sales driving tool for you as soon as possible.

Keyword implementation has changed in recent years, but the overall objective remains the same.

On-Page SEO Implementation:

We are now armed with a current snapshot of your websites health & the keywords you want to rank for.

Implementing those keywords on your web pages is the next step.

There are many key indicators on a page that need to include variations of your chosen search terms to an optimal density.

Over do a keyword and you will not rank for it.

Because Google uses word association to establish page meaning, it isn’t necessary to keyword stuff.

Natural well written text that comprehensively covers a topic is ideal.

If real users like yout content & engage with it then search engines will too.

Off-Page SEO Optimization:

Once your on-page site content has been optimized, we next begin the process of creating high quality links.

These backlinks point to specific pages of your site.

Targeted link text, is sparingly used to pass topic relevance.

It is more important to create links on high authority sites that have real traffic flows. Some of this traffic should ideally click through to your site & like what they find.

This link building process improves the ‘authority’ of your site and drives it up the rankings.

Conversion Optimization:

As soon as your site begins to rank well in Google, Bing and Yahoo, you will start to receive traffic to your website.

The next stage of the process is to monitor that traffic through your site and improve the conversion metrics for each page.

A conversion is when you make a sale, or receive an enquiry.

Conversion optimization will increase the ratio of sales or enquiries per visitor.

Call us today to schedule your initial SEO analysis and take the first step towards receiving the search engine traffic you deserve;

07971 621601 (9 – 5 GMT Mon – Fri )

What Our Clients Think:


Why should you choose us to provide your SEO?

  1. You Found Us Because We Get It!

    If you think that SEO is just a case of adding a few keywords on your web pages then you are in for disappointment…. to effectively optimise your site so it can rank #1 for the most competitive terms in search your site needs to meet and exceed over 200 strict criteria. Failing just one of these will have a negative effect on your ability to rank well.

    We understand SEO and what makes Google tick, so we can address everything that your site needs to be able to attract large volumes of organic traffic.

  2. Mobile & Retina Compatible

    Over 50% of all Google traffic happens on smartphones and tablets. This means that if your site isn’t built to display on all screen sizes, devices & importantly fast enough across mobile telecommunications networks then you will miss out on at least half of your potential traffic.

  3. We Build Online Trust & Authority

    The reason why you see household brands ranking at the top of search for most products & goods is because Google trusts them algorithmically. They send the right trust and authority signals that promoite them to the top of SERPs.

    These signals of website trustworthiness are essential for top rankings and we have a proven formula for building trust and authority metrics for our clients websites, that’s why they trust us.

  4. Social Proof

    Social proof is increasingly important & only going to become more so. If you are not already collecting testimonials and reviews on Google+ & Facebook then you are behind the game.

    Google trust ‘crowd opinion’ to vouch for businesses, so the more positive reviews, social media shares and recommendations, mentions, etc the better for building your online reputation.